Sakis Serafeim

I’m an Aeronautical Engineer, currently finishing my two MSc’s (one in Applied Informatics, and another one in Quality Assurance), having been translating technical and scientific texts (and a good deal of contractual, commercial and business ones, as well) since 1989.


I’ve been teaching Technical Translation and Terminology since 2009. I’m a member of the EC/EU’s Terminology Network for Greece, and of the Hellenic Society for Terminology. I’m an administrator of Greece’s most highly regarded forum for translators,


My companies are active in the translation services, translation technologies, book publishing, and consultancy fields, among other things.



Mata Salogianni

I studied at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, from which I graduated with a specialisation in legal, financial and technical translation, a field in which I have been working since.


Other than Greek, my working languages are English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Turkish. I have been teaching legal and financial translation since 2006 and also translating literature since 2002, mostly from Portuguese.


I am a member of the EC’s DG Translation Terminology Network and moderator of, a language and translation forum frequented by some of the top experts in the fields of translation and linguistics.


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